An exciting trivia book where your knowledge of music and keen eye for imagery come together. Can you figure out the song title from just an artificial intelligence generated picture?

Imagine a trivia book like no other,
where each page is a gateway to a musical mystery. This is the first trivia book ever printed that combines the marvels of artificial intelligence with the world of music-titles. As you turn each page, you're greeted with a unique image, a visual riddle, intricately designed by an AI to encapsulate the essence of a song title.

It's not just a book;
it's a time travel, a challenge for the mind and a feast for the eyes. The reader's task is to decipher these visual clues and guess the song title. From the soulful depths of R&B to the energetic beats of Eurodance, the images challenge you to connect the visual to the lyrical titles. Some are straightforward, while others are deviously complex, requiring a keen eye and a deep love for music.

As you progress through the book
the satisfaction of solving them becomes more profound. It's not just a test of your musical knowledge; it's a journey through music history and the power of imagination. "Which song am AI?" is a celebration of the harmony between technology and art, a testament to the endless possibilities when human creativity meets artificial intelligence. It's a book that will sit proudly on the shelf of any music lover, tech enthusiast, or puzzle solver, waiting to be picked up and explored, time and time again.



All images inside the book.

Did you knew?

These are the four songs from the image examples above.

"Papa was a rolling stone."

by The Temptations

"Old town road."

Lil Nas X

"Ring of fire."

Johnny Cash


Lady Gaga
At just 14 years old, he pioneered the distribution of the first lifestyle e-magazine across BBS mailboxes throughout Scandinavia and Germany that was also available in a 3.5" floppy disk format, sold in schoolyards. His creative journey continued with the launch of an inline skate fanzine, followed by a groundbreaking CD-ROM youth lifestyle e-zine, which saw a remarkable circulation of 5,000 monthly copies on CD-ROM. His freelance career blossomed from there, offering his expertise in design and website-development to various agencies in Germany and Portugal.
He has a mobile and sustainable deejay soundsystem mounted on a cargo bicycle and since 2010 creates QR code streetart and paints acrylic QR codes on canvas.

The year 2010 marked the debut of his literary journey "La Despedida" a captivating narrative of his European adventure aboard the Piaggio Ape Three-Wheeler. Fast forward to the end of 2023, and he unveiled "Statisticunt," a tome that humorously dissects over 1,100 meme charts across 440 pages. A mere five months later, in May 2025, he is set to release the quiz book "Which song am Ai?" — a testament to his relentless pursuit of creative endeavors from his project bucket list.

The author's roots trace back to Portugal, but his formative years were shaped in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2012, he has found his haven on the sun-kissed shores of Gran Canaria in Spain.


Inside "Which song am AI?" you will find AI-generated visuals for songs by the following artists: A tribe called Quest ABBA AC/DC Amy Winehouse Aretha Franklin B-52's Beastie Boys Bee Gees Beyonce Billy Idol Billy Joel Black Sabbath Blink 182 Blondie Bob Dylan Bob Marley and the Wailers Bobby Vinton Boney M. Bonnie Tyler Boyz II Men Bronski Beat Bruce Springsteen Carl Douglas Cher Coolio Creedence Clearwater Revival Dead or Alive Deep Purple Depeche Mode Dire Straits DNCE Donna Summer Dr. Dre Duran Duran Elton John Elvis Eminem Eurythmics George Clinton Gill Scott Heron GZA Heavy-D and the Boyz Iggy Pop Ike and Tina Turner Indeep Ini Kamoze James Brown Jefferson Airplane Jimmy Cliff Jimmy Hendrix Johnny Cash Joy Division Justin Timberlake Kanye West Kate bush Kelis Kraftwerk Lady Gaga Led Zeppelin Lil Nas X Lipps Inc. Lou Reed Madonna Manu Chao Marvin Gaye MC Hammer Mecano Metallica Midnight Oil Moody Blues MOS Def Motörhead Neil Young Nena Nirvana No Doubt Oran Juice Jones Otis Redding Patrick Swayze Pet Shop Boys Pink Floyd Portishead Post Malone Prince and the Power Revolution Procol Harum Public Enemy R.E.M. Radiohead Ray Charles Red Hot Chili Peppers Salt'n Pepper Santana Scramin Jay Hawkins Simon and Garfunkel Simply Red Snoop Dogg Soundgarden Steve Miller Band Sting Survivor Taylor Dane Technotronic The Animals The Commodores The Cure The Doors The Drifters The Eagles The GAP band The Hollies The Killers The Police The Rolling Stones The Temptations The Weeknd The Weather Girls The White Stripes The Zombies Thin Lizzy TLC Tones and I U2 WHAM Wu-Tang Clan Yo-Yo


The inspiration for this book emerged during the creation of the "Statisticunt" book, which features a collection of hundreds of pie-chart memes, whereas some are related to music.
While conducting research for "Which Song am AI?", the author serendipitously discovered various websites and social media profiles that delve into music history or provide special artist background information.
Discover the rich tapestry of musicians’ backgrounds by exploring the following links and social profiles!